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Asics Lifestlye “Love and Haters” Valentine Pack

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Every February 14, Valentine’s Day notoriously stirs up emotions. Lovers of romance bear smiles and gifts of roses and chocolate, while haters roll their eyes in frustration of all such sightings. ASICS Lifestyle has created the perfect footwear for sneaker fans on both sides of the fence.

The Lovers & Haters Pack includes special editions of GEL SAGA and a GEL-LYTE lll running models adorned with lustrous mesh and rich suede overlays. The red GEL SAGA with white stripes and silver details beams with love. Inside the shoe, feet are given an extra cuddle with a heart-speckled sockliner.

For tough-hearted sneaker fans, the black GEL-LYTE lll with red stripes and gold details boasts indifference to Valentine’s Day. These feet feel better wrapped in a sockliner spotted with a thorn motif.
The Lover’s & Haters Pack will be on sale at selected retailers worldwide from February 1 2014

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Should the drinking age be lowered? Why or why not?

 Should the drinking age be lowered? Why or why not?

In the United States the legal drinking age is 21. The question is should the drinking age be lowered.  I see eye to eye that the drinking age should be lowered to at least 18 for the reason that you can vote and join the army at 18 why can’t you have the option to drink the beverage you favor. People under the age of 21 are inclined to drink more when they get a hold of alcohol because of the hesitation as to when they might be able to drink again. You’re also able to get married at the age 18 is the system trying to say you can’t drink at your own wedding? I think so. You’re privileged to call yourself an adult at the age 18 therefore; you should be able to make the division what your next beverage is.