Stink bugs threaten U.S. orchards and crops

Choice 1: What’s up in the News?

Prompt 1: Science

Investigate a current event in the world of science and find an article that you find interesting. Post a link to the article on your blog and then do the following:

  1. Summarize the article:A man known as J.D. Rinehart detected discolor, disheartened regions on his orchards’ apples and peaches approximately half a decade ago and supposed the fruit was low-slung in calcium, However spraying the fruit with calcium didn’t fix the problem. When the University of Maryland researchers cut open his fruit and inspected it, it comes to be understandable that the reason was stink bugs, to some degree much more damaging and unpredictable. Rinehart has possession of Rinehart Orchards in Maryland. He explained stink bugs damage in the middle of one tenth and one fifth of his crop every single year.
  2. Offer your opinion on the topic: My opinion on this is topic that you can’t really do anything about bugs because they will proceed to come back, but I believe this is a good article. I never thought of a stink bug being a problem towards fruits. I found this article a little interesting.
  3. Predict future events surrounding this topic: Future events I see happening towards this situation is the owner of fruits either finding something to kill the stink bugs or he could find something to put on the plants to keep the stink bugs from going near them.
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